Home Health



Home healthcare provides patients with medical care in their homes using qualified medical professionals. Patients have access to physical therapy, skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Home health is not unique but can provide better, or more suitable, care to patients at lower cost.

Home health agencies consolidated and form the basis of care delivery

We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to create home health agencies that provide better services and are affordable for all, through the following measures:

  • Consolidation of home healthcare agencies to build a robust, effective and high quality foundation of health care delivery;
  • Updating and modernizing back-office technology for more efficient and improved digital communication.

Implement telehealth, home monitoring, physical therapy and integration with primary care:

We will improve primary health care by integrating the latest technological innovations, industry telehealth, home monitoring, and physical therapy.

Geographic focus to areas of high growth potential (growing ageing populations):

  • We will cover areas where there is the need for greater health care and so meet the higher demand and growth potential
  • We will also expand coverage to patients regardless of location
Home Health

Consolidate Home healthcare agencies to form the basis of care delivery

Continuum of Care

Make additional acquisitions to provide vertical integration, as well to potential Continuum of Care

Community Centric

Provide care beyond patient centric to be community centric