Executive Summary


Our basic premise is fairly simple: we plan to acquire and consolidate healthcare providers to deliver efficient, scalable services over the next 5 years.

Our growth will be fueled by acquiring hospitals and related companies in other healthcare sub-sectors (such as hospice, medical and non-medical home health companies). In 2020, we will acquire a minimum of four entities with combined revenues of USD 20 million.

We plan to follow our initial acquisitions by targeting hospitals with annual revenue below USD 100 million.

For these wide ranging health care services, there is potential for major improvements in cost efficiency and to create improved negotiating powers with medical care suppliers. With our investors, we aim to consolidate the health care sector and to acquire between 15 and 40 hospitals the United States before taking AI Invest Co public (or equivalent) in the fall of 2026.

We are a group of experienced professionals specializing in healthcare, finance, accounting, business and mergers and acquisitions.

Although there are existing players acquiring hospitals for consolidation, there will be significant opportunities to invest with us as up to 1,000 of the nation’s approximately 5,000 hospitals alone may be up for sale in the next five years according to (a) a recent industry report and (b) as evidenced by a major surge of hospital M&As in the last few years.