Continuum of Care



Al Invest Co is looking to be an industry leader in care delivery, with excellent client satisfaction and ease of access across the continuum of care.

Additional acquisitions will provide vertical integration as well a more secure platform for our Continuum of Care:

Al Invest Co will look to strategic acquisitions to foster an environment of clinical team work, care coordination, and care ‘pathway’ consistency. We passionately believe that the Continuum of Care requires better integration of services, whether they be care services in a hospital or medical care services provided elsewhere.

It is part of our strategy to develop the capability to guide patient care in a simpler and less complex manner regardless of what health services are needed.

Integrate and Optimize care delivery capacity across the consolidated system:

Our vision also includes building an Interdisciplinary Care Management Team that will work with patients on specific care plans, tailored to their chronic care needs, resulting in not only improved outcomes and driving cost-efficiency through better integration.

Leverage Cloud and API-based Technology architecture to accelerate shared clinical decision making:

We will leverage Cloud and API-based technology architecture to accelerate communications, shared clinical decision making, interdisciplinary approach in care delivery and quality improvement tracking/analysis.

Using Home Services as the foundation, ancillary and acute services will form the remainder of the ‘hub-and-spoke’ care delivery across a region. We strive to target leading facilities and Health Care Providers to be part of this vision. Our brand has to, and does, stand for reliability, excellence and affordability.

Home Health

Consolidate Home healthcare agencies to form the basis of care delivery

Continuum of Care

Make additional acquisitions to provide vertical integration, as well to potential Continuum of Care

Community Centric

Provide care beyond patient centric to be community centric