Community Centric


Community Centric

Al Invest Co is implementing its community-centric approach. We believe in building technology that can strengthen our connections with our patients. Our technology facilitates access to patients in more remote locations. We will adopt a very specific approach to this.

Beyond patient-centric to be community-centric, Proactive management of emerging health issues:

We will use the proactive management framework that aims to identify the immediate actions to reduce future impacts even before a disease is detected. The world has learned a great deal about the impact of disease recently and AI Invest Co believes those lessons learned must be put to good effect.

Implement analytic and care enablement technology to close gaps in social determinants (e.g. nutrition, living conditions, safety) and population health management (e.g. activity, diet, mental health):

Our health care experts’ look at every aspect such as the living and nutrition conditions of patients along with their safety. In addition to this, we also take care of the mental health and nutrition of the patient.

Implement quality measurement and performance-based compensation

Home Health

Consolidate Home healthcare agencies to form the basis of care delivery

Continuum of Care

Make additional acquisitions to provide vertical integration, as well to potential Continuum of Care

Community Centric

Provide care beyond patient centric to be community centric